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October 2010 will long be remembered for Australia's getting its own saint. But Blair Athol, a suburb in Sydney's southwest, had its saints 15 years earlier. Blair Athol was originally a Catholic area and keeps its tradition with most of its streets named after saints.

collections-saints-gabriel-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-agnes-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-anne-csnt.jpg
collections-saints-st-catherine-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-clare-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-jerome-csnt.jpg
collections-saints-st-luke-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-maria-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-mark-csnt.jpg
collections-saints-st-monica-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-paul-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-peter-csnt.jpg
collections-saints-st-simon-csnt.jpg collections-saints-st-stephen-csnt.jpg collections-saints-the-ark-csnt.jpg

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