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'Is this the coolest man in the country? We think he is!' - Village Voice (Sydney inner western suburbs)
'An extraordinary account - an old man mapping the city with his feet' - Adelaide Advertiser
'Alan Waddell...proved you are never too old to change the world.' - Think Big magazine
'A grandfather who has achieved cult fame' - St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
'One of the best web sites I have ever seen' - Radio 702 ABC (Simon Marnie)
'Alan Waddell was a worldwide internet sensation.' - Daily Telegraph
'The North Shore's most famous athlete' - Sydney Weekly Courier
'Inconceivable pioneering work' - Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia)
'A popular web site' - San Francisco Chronicle
'Fantastic web site' - Radio New Zealand
'A real-life inspiration' - The Nation (Thailand)
'An amazing man' - Radio 2UE (Glenn Wheeler)
'Legendary walker ... Alan's an inspiration' - Mosman Daily
'Elderly Australian walks into stardom' - People's Daily (China)
'Alan’s website…one of the best around' – Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard
'[He] has inspired thousands...an internet superstar' - Independent Times (Canada)
'This site has turned a simple idea into a real treasure' - The Sydney Morning Herald
'He's a legend, a terrific Sydneysider and a great Australian' - Radio Nova (Merrick & Rosso)
'A media darling Down Under and his fame is spreading fast across the globe' - Kitchener Record (Canada)

Many of the photos on this website were taken as Alan Waddell, 94, walked every street in 292 suburbs of Sydney, Australia. We have continued his legacy by regularly posting more photos from our walking - there are now over 6,400 unusual photos of Sydney. There have been over 5,033,000 pages viewed by over 1,937,000 visitors from 185 countries (latest new one is Turkmenistan) - see Visitor Countries for full list.


In brief

Alan Waddell was encouraged by his doctor to take up walking. After a while, repeating the same route every day became boring. So Alan Waddell decided to walk every street in his own suburb.
  In December 2002, this idea of walking every street was expanded to include neighbouring suburbs and so his odyssey began.


Olympians     12 July 2007


Australian Olympic medallist and now newspaper and TV personality, Elka Graham, joined Alan for another walk, this time with fiance Thomas Whalan at Balmoral Beach. Thomas is also an Olympian and captain of the Australian water polo team. If Elka and Thomas, two delightful people, are typical of their sports, you couldn’t do better than encourage your kids to take up swimming or water polo.


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     11 July 2007

The report in Town Talk column commended "Amanda, a young mother with two infants, [who] insisted Alan take a bottle of cold water and a donation for his charity [the Heart Foundation]."


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     27 June 2007


The Western Sydney newspaper Mount Druitt & St Marys Standard caught up with Alan on one of his days of walking in their territory, and kindly supplied some professional photos to contrast with the amateur ones of Alan that you are used to seeing.




Standard reporter Laura Cencigh and photographer Armen Deushian (who complained that Alan was walking too fast for the camera) never stop smiling. Here is their article "On a mission to walk".


NSW Government Award    12 March 2007


The New South Wales Government has honoured Alan with an award for promoting health and wellbeing. It recognised his motivating people to improve their health by walking and his work for organisations such as the National Heart Foundation; Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care; and the Sydney Harbour Trust.


The award was presented to Alan by the state premier Morris Iemma at the Sydney Town Hall. (Photo courtesy DADHC, NSW Government)


2UE (Sydney)    17 March 2007

An interview about Seniors Week with 2UE's afternoon presenter, Glenn Wheeler, concluded with a no-holds-barred fight over who was going to win the football match that evening. Alan told Sharks-supporter Glenn that "you haven't got a hope" against the Panthers. The Sharks won 18-0.


North Shore Times (Sydney)    7 March 2007 and
North Shore Courier (Sydney)    7 March 2007

Both papers carried a story about the two North Shore ambassadors for Seniors Week, Alan and Cornelia Francis. Cornelia appears in the TV programme Home and Away, but is best known for hosting the game show The Weakest Link.


The Sun-Herald (Sydney)    25 February 2007

Two items about Alan's activities appeared in this edition of The Sun-Herald. One was on his leading of a walk through the back streets of Edgecliff; the other was part of an article about the ambassadors for the New South Wales Government's Seniors Week. Other ambassadors are actor Marcus Hale, nutritionist Rosemary Stanton, actor Henri Szeps, Logies award winner Judy Stone, actress Benita Collings and TV host Donnie Sutherland.


The Sydney Morning Herald    12 February 2007

The Herald's "Webwatch" page ran an item about Alan's walking, including the comment that "the result is this website, which gives an amazing peek into the fabric of our city."


Auburn Review (Sydney)    10 January 2007

A photo of Alan walking in Granville occupied almost a half of the front page of the Auburn Review, with the story and a further photo inside.


Should we tell the editor of the Auburn Review that his staff were lying down on the job?

Bankstown - Canterbury Torch (Sydney)    10 January 2007

The same story as appeared in the Auburn Review, but different photos, were used by the Review's stablemate. Their combined circulation is 120,000.


ABC New England North West    15 December 2006

David Evans interviewed Alan for his breakfast programme broadcast on the ABC's New England North West radio network. This covers the northern inland area of the state. Alan showed his versatility and capacity for innovation when he managed to squeeze several buttons on the phone while on air, causing Mr Evans to have to ring him back.


Heart Foundation Ambassadors    20 November 2006


Elka Graham is an Olympic silver and World Championships gold medallist in swimming. More than that, she is one of the nicest people you could meet. Elka and Alan are both media ambassadors for Australia’s National Heart Foundation. The swimmer and the walker exchanged experiences during a 70-minute stroll.


702 ABC (Sydney)     27 October 2006
92.5 ABC (Central Coast)     27 October 2006


In the photos at left (courtesy of ABC) and below, Alan is being interviewed by Richard Glover at the Customs House outdoor area near Circular Quay.


ABC radio conducted several outside broadcasts as part of their support for Diabetes Australia. Alan was a guest in Richard Glover's drive programme from Sydney city. It was to promote the benefits of walking for minimising risk of contracting diabetes.


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