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Photos - Sydney Secrets - Houses (continued)



Sydney's most colourful back yard is in Smith Lane, Manly.

Marsden Park


Off the end of Hollingworth Road, Marsden Park, is a magic collection of 140 tiny houses in quiet, narrow and short streets, such as Pelican Street.
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Marsden Park


All have mini-gardens, most of which parade figures like these in Canary Street andů
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Marsden Park


Cockatoo Street, as you guessed.
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Marsden Park


There's even an unusual parking area near the entrance
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Marsden Park


See them all in the private estate.
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McMahons Point


This fascinating row of houses is typical of the suburb's style a century ago. You could have seen these houses in Webb Street, but you were too slow. Two of them are no more but you can still see others like them elsewhere in McMahons Point.

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