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Photos - Secrets - Streets (continued)

Elvina Bay


How's this for peace? Normanhurst Street, Elvina Bay, in the rush hour. It’s their main street to the wharf. Since there are no cars in Elvina Bay, you either walk for half a day or get the ferry from Church Point.



Erskineville is great for pedestrians, soul-destroying for motorists. Try getting to the other side of this Munni/Union Streets intersection by car without using a street directory. Even if you successfully dodged all the traffic barriers, one-way streets and no-turn signs, you would still have to drive more than a kilometre.

Fairfield Heights


Where can you walk a one-kilometre street faster than a motorist can drive it? Stacey Street, Fairfield Heights, has eight of these grassy road blocks at most of its intersections. A motorist’s detours would require five kilometres.

Fairfield Heights


Where's your street in Fairfield Heights?



There’s a top secret lane off the bit of Bolingbroke Parade north of Lauderdale Avenue at Fairlight. You won’t find it in street directories, but with its nice, new handrail, you know it's going somewhere.

   Of course, you could be wrong.

Forest Lodge


Is Bakers Lane, Forest Lodge, a nook, cranny, alcove, niche, recess or retreat? Whatever, it's sure a delight.

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