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Photos - Surprises - Cars(continued)

Bellevue Hill


It might look an unusually long house driveway, but this is typical of Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill.

Bellevue Hill


Each house in Exclusive Drumalbyn Road, Bellevue Hill, has sufficient garages, or almost sufficient…

Blair Athol


Doing burnouts in Stone Cottage Close, Blair Athol.



Just what you need to make your car a little different from everyone else's. If you're quick, you can buy it in Park Parade, Bondi.

Bondi Beach


An angle on the garages in an unnamed lane joining Blair Street and Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach


Car parking in Bondi Beach is very scarce in winter, let alone summer. See the result in Sir Thomas Mitchell Road.

Bondi Beach


This was the newest vehicle when Alan was aged 7, in 1921. It's still registered for driving on public streets and is used to cart honey to Saturday morning markets at Bondi Beach school. You might like to try changing gears.

Bondi Beach


(see previous photo)

Bondi Junction


This is one pathway in my walking that might be a touch difficult. I'll walk Adams Lane roadway instead.

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