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Photos - Surprises - Mailboxes / Letter-Boxes (continued)

North Balgowlah


Strangely, these Bangaroo Street, North Balgowlah, residents are not keen on sun-drenched outlooks, charm with integrity, contemporary oases, whisper quietness, northerly aspects or 3bdr. They’re not even into ambiences.

North Curl Curl


Perhaps Pitt Road, North Curl Curl, is near the ocean?

North Narrabeen


Two of North Narrabeen’s best mailboxes/letter-boxes were hand-carved. Rennee Perri, her family and a possum (possums love Narrabeen trees) own one.

North Narrabeen


Across the road from Rennee's mailbox is Louise Tyler's mailbox. Louise spent months doing both.

North Narrabeen


We don’t know either, but we can tell you that it’s in Inala Place, North Narrabeen.

North Narrabeen


You need an attic to get a proper view of Katoa Close, North Narrabeen.

North Narrabeen


In Anana Road, North Narrabeen, a two storey house for a mailbox/letter-box.

North Parramatta


If you put up a sign saying 'no junk mail' you'll get junk mail. Instead, follow our example in Isabella Street, North Parramatta.

North Ryde


Is this in the running for Sydney’s best mailbox?
(See next two photos)

North Ryde


You can guess its house number in David Avenue, North Ryde. (See previous and next photos)

North Ryde


The mail collection door at the rear, with a reminder of the petrol price.
(See previous two photos)

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