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Photos - Surprises - Paintings / Murals (continued)

North Balgowlah


How much can a koala bear? It, the possum and the two kids were in stitches when I rested at the creek to adjust my socks. They’d laugh even more if they saw the veins in my old legs that are supported by the socks. This lovely creek meanders through North Balgowlah Public School.

North Narrabeen


Take in the fabulous view of Narrabeen Lakes from Garden Street, North Narrabeen.
(See next photo.)

North Narrabeen


Or, rather, the fabulous painting
(See previous photo.)

North Ryde


Magdala Road, North Ryde, shows us what to do if we have an ugly pole in our front yard.

North Strathfield


Is this Sydney’s brightest building? Find it on the corner of Concord Road and Correys Avenue, North Strathfield.

North Strathfield


How would you like to live in these houses right alongside the railway at North Strathfield Station? Unhappily you can’t. They are not houses, just paintings/murals that have done wonders for the appearance of a store shed.

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