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The credit union office in Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale, offers an unusual 14-hour service. What really is midnight, though? 12.00am, 12.00pm or neither? How do airlines get around the problem?
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Layton Street, Camperdown, got us thinking: why is it always “hot chips” but not “hot hamburgers"?



Never mind. We understand that you have to work sometimes. Barr Street, Camperdown



They say that the old dork who's walking all the streets is not too bright. We'd better put up some signs to help him when he does Fitzgerald Street, Camperdown.

Canley Vale


New motorists have driving tests, new posties have Canley Vale.

Canley Vale


Maybe everybody in Avenel Park, Canley Vale, but we'll have to do some recruiting in other areas of Sydney.

Canley Vale


License please, driver. I’m booking you for only turning left when the sign says right only.
Are you saying, officer, that if I only went right as the right only sign says, I’d have left the left only sign ignored and would have been right?
All right, driver, you’ve left me to write off the ticket.
Delamere Street, Canley Vale.

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