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North Parramatta


Church Street, North Parramatta: You had to look twice too, didn't you?

North Parramatta


In Castle Street, North Parramatta. Have you ever seen a business name that is more difficult to read? But it attracts your attention for that very reason.

North Parramatta


Buy your free ticket at the corner of Sorrell and Grose Streets, North Parramatta.

North Ryde


Where do you work in Delhi Road, North Ryde?
I work in the Department of Industry, Science and some other things, but I can't remember their order.

North St Marys


Conditions apply (namely, morning and afternoon tea breaks. Contact us in Wattle Street for times.)

North St Marys


Very few Sydney suburbs can boast kangaroos. In Forrester Road, North St Marys, you might see if you can find a male kangaroo with a pouch or any kangaroo taking a backwards step. (You have one chance in a thousand with the first task and none with the second.)

North St Marys


In June 2007, at age 92, Alan finally gave up his accountancy practice. The following month he obtained employment as a traffic controller in Wilga Street, North St Marys.

North Strathfield


Surely they didn't mean whorehouse? Parramatta Road, North Strathfield

North Strathfield


But not for 54 years. The corner of Concord and Parramatta Roads, North Strathfield

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