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Photos - Surprises - Signs (continued)

South Coogee


Malabar Road, South Coogee is forging ahead. Their shops are now open on Mondays - but what about the other days?.

South Granville


In South Granville, who does the wanton damage? Chiswick Road vandals? Visiting Heart Foundation ambassadors? For the answer, see below.

South Granville


No, you do it yourself. Only buses are allowed through here.

South Granville


In Lavinia Street, South Granville, local buses are doing their bit to promote fitness.

South Granville


Even though our sign in Wellington Road, South Granvile, explains how to enter (advice that most businesses fail to give) some people still don’t get the message.

South Wentworthville


1. To stay healthy
2. To make new discoveries
3. To find something to smile about
4. To meet new people
5. To save money
Hope that answers the question posed on the Great Western Highway at South Wentworthville.

Spit Junction


Easter in Military Road, Spit Junction, makes us ask: how many other words contain the spoken 'w'? If you can think of one, you're clever. Two: brilliant. Three: another Einstein.

St Peters


She is, too. She doesn't bark when you walk past in Applebee Street, St Peters.

St Peters


His preferred shift is dog watch. See him in Brown Street, St Peters.

St Peters


Of all the signs in our collection, this one in Edith Street, St Peters, would be the cheapest to purchase and easiest to erect. We should all learn from it.

Strathfield South


Double trouble: these twin signs on the Cosgrove Road/Liverpool Road corner can't agree on the name of their suburb. (It's Strathfield South, as confirmed by the Government Names Board, which also confirms that the official name for the corresponding suburb is North Strathfield. Life is strange.)

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