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Photos - Sydney West (continued)



With crime on the increase in Sydney, Alan now takes army escorts on his walks to ensure his safety. While doing Richmond Road, Colebee, he generously gave his escorts time off so that they could enjoy a game of Paintball.

Croydon Park


Three days earlier, there wasn’t a drop of water under Croydon Park’s Rosedale Reserve bridge.

Croydon Park


The double gates are for cars wanting to park in our Blenheim Street, Croydon Park, veranda.

Croydon Park


Like a groping octopus, a tree in Rosedale Crescent, Croydon Park, covers all angles and distances in its search for nourishment.

Croydon Park


These days double-decker buses experience some difficulty negotiating Stiles Street, Croydon Park.

Croydon Park


Croydon Park's fast food outlet when Alan was aged two. You can still see it in Georges River Road.

Croydon Park


This Stanley Street tree in Croydon Park has a low IQ - it took some time to work out that it's supposed to grow vertically.

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