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Photos - Sydney West (continued)

Dundas Valley


All the major denominations are represented on Evans Road, Dundas Valley Ö Catholic, Anglican and God's Letter Community Church.

Dundas Valley


I couldn't work out what this structure in a grassy stretch off Friendship Street, Dundas Valley, is all about. Neither could the hens, who keep a suspicious eye on it.

East Hills


Cockatoos line up for an autograph. These popular Australian birds frequent Smith Park, East Hills, but only seem to like its south-east corner.

East Hills


We can’t show his face for legal reasons, but we caught this vandal etching “Alan was here” in the pavement in Enright Street, East Hills.

East Ryde


Usually power poles support the wires, but In East Ryde, it’s the other way round. Take the bush track to Sugarloaf Point to marvel at this innovation.



You should see the bewildered look on Santa’s face each year. In The Parade, Enfield, we have a fireplace in every room.



That’s nothing.
  In Wonga Street, Enfield, we have a fireplace every couple of metres.

Englorie Park


It could make a good claim to being Sydney's smallest suburb, as well as one of the newest. Main roads border it, but most of the Englorie Park houses, such as this neat one, have a Parkholme Circuit address.

Fairfield East


As soon as I can find the way in, Iíll make the most of this recently-opened eye-catcher on Woodville Road, Fairfield East.

Fairfield Heights


Alan's store on the corner of Station and Granville Streets, Fairfield Heights, sells Ushel tea.

Fairfield West


Ants are in charge along the whole of the path between Garran and Noelene Streets, Fairfield West.

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