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Many of the photos on this website were taken as Alan Waddell, 94,
walked every street in 292 suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

We have continued his legacy and the family has now walked every street in 592 suburbs.
More photos from our walking are regularly posted here -
there are now over 6,100 unusual photos of Sydney.
Alan's walking favourites book (with 100 c o l o u r photos) has been published. See here

'You're a legend, Alan' - Hon. Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia (Heart Foundation Week speech)
'An extraordinary account - an old man mapping the city with his feet' - Adelaide Advertiser
'Is this the coolest man in the country? We think he is!' - Village Voice (Sydney inner west)
'Alan Waddell...proved you are never too old to change the world.' - Think Big magazine
'A grandfather who has achieved cult fame' - St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
'One of the best web sites I have ever seen' - Radio 702 ABC (Simon Marnie)
'An absolute inspiration to all of us' - Super Radio Network (Graeme Gilbert)
'He was one of Australia's great characters' - 9 TV Network's Getaway 2008
'Alan Waddell was a worldwide internet sensation.' - Daily Telegraph
'Inconceivable pioneering work' - Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia)
'Australia's Forrest Gump' - 7 TV Network's Today Tonight
'A popular web site' - San Francisco Chronicle
'Fantastic web site' - Radio New Zealand
'A real-life inspiration' - The Nation (Thailand)
'An amazing man' - Radio 2UE (Glenn Wheeler)
'A cyber celebrity' - 9 TV Network's Getaway 2006
'A welcome dose of inspiration' - 9 TV Network News
'Legendary walker ... Alan's an inspiration' - Mosman Daily
'Elderly Australian walks into stardom' - People's Daily (China)
'The North Shore's most famous athlete' - Sydney Weekly Courier
'Alan’s website…one of the best around' – Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard
'[He] has inspired thousands...an internet superstar' - Independent Times (Canada)
'This site has turned a simple idea into a real treasure' - The Sydney Morning Herald
'The senior citizen who is leading the fight against heart disease' - 10 TV Network News
'He's a legend, a terrific Sydneysider and a great Australian' - Radio Nova (Merrick & Rosso)
'A media darling Down Under and his fame is spreading fast across the globe' - Kitchener Record (Canada)

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