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Photos - Secrets - Houses (continued)

Coasters Retreat


Coasters Retreat has some secret houses.
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Coasters Retreat


Why do all the houses in this suburb have no garage? Because the only access to Coasters Retreat is by water to these wharves, so the suburb has no cars.
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Coasters Retreat


But it does have this impressive unnamed street…
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Coasters Retreat


…which takes you to a typical Coasters Retreat house…
(Also see the previous three photos and the next photo)

Coasters Retreat


…with these features on the open veranda at right as theft in Coasters Retreat is almost unknown.
(Also see the previous four photos)

Cremorne Point


Not too many houses have a walk for an address. This one on the pathway below Spofforth Street, Cremorne Point, does.

Crows Nest


At Crows Nest, it's fascinating when a church becomes a private house.
(Also see the next three photos)

Crows Nest


But we rarely get the chance to see what it's like inside now. The former Church of Christ in Falcon Street, Crows Nest, gave an opportunity. Where the congregation sat in the pews is now open plan. The kitchen and dining-room are on the former preacher's platform.
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Crows Nest


From the preacher's platform we look back to the main entrance and see the church ceiling.
(Also see the previous two photos and the next photo)

Crows Nest


Finally, the heavenly view
(Also see the previous three photos)

Crows Nest


We get permission to go through the fence for two quaint, 150-year-old houses in Hayberry Street, Crows Nest, to get to our fence.

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