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Photos - Secrets - Streets (continued)



It's hardly a common street name. And a surprising choice for an abbreviation in Lane to save just one letter.

Winston Hills


Walking steep Winston Hills gives sore back.



Adelaide Parade, Woollahra, from start to finish, doesn’t seem to have a high priority need for traffic lights or roundabouts.



The paling fence across the entrance to The Grove, Woollahra, a no-cars street with nine cottages, ensures that The Grove (see below) remains the best of secrets.



The Grove, Woollahra



Bowden Lane, Woollahra. Is tiny enough without this even narrower one branching from it. It's wide enough to drive a rubbish bin down it, but not much else.



The fairyland hideout of Rae Place, Woolloomooloo, is recognised as too special to even allow cars to disturb it.



Nearly every house in Prince Edward Park Road, Woronora, carries a clear message to the council. What was concerning residents of peaceful Prince Edward Park Road, Woronora?
(See next photo)



A gate. If plans to open it succeeded, their street would become a major traffic artery to the neighbouring, but presently inaccessible, suburb.
(See previous photo as well)


Answers to Abbotsford questions:

Why does the one Abbotsford street have its name in both capitals and lower case?
Maybe to stake a claim for first Sydney suburb to use lower case letters in street name signs, an honour that I’m confident it owns.

Why does the one Abbotsford street have two names? Twice?
It doesn’t. Someone, probably not me, turned the Spring Street and Teviot Avenue signs 90 degrees.

Why does the one Abbotsford street have two colours?
Why does Abbotsford have three colours?
I’m awaiting answer from council

Answer to the question under Drummoyne about the most common street name in Sydney suburbs:
Park is the clear leader for common Sydney street names, but Victoria and Railway also gain a medal.

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