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Photos - Surprises - Shrub/Bush Shapes (continued)

Warwick Farm


In Nicholls Street is a unique map of our country.



See a hundred or more of these in Sefton Road, Sanctuary Way and neighbouring streets in Westleigh.



Like fluffy cotton balls that are feeling somewhat queasy, these gardener's masterpieces form a defensive ring on the corner of Semana Street and Samarai Road, Whalan.



Just a tad further along Samarai Road is Whalan’s twister tree.



In Torres Crescent, Whalan: The Towers of Torres. (If others are looking at this with you, fake a laugh. Quickly. Now you have conned them into thinking that you know Portuguese and Spanish.)

Wiley Park


Would this tree in Rawson Street, Wiley Park, have a square root?

Winston Hills


The tower of Dornoch Street, Winston Hills

Following are the answers to the elephants questions for Fairfield West. The skin of elephants is black, as you can see when they emerge from the river before covering themselves in dust; they eat for 18 hours a day and they’re excellent swimmers from birth.

Answer to Wakeley question: What can’t a kangaroo do if you lift its tail? Jump

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(End of Surprises Shrub/Bush Shapes)

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