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Photos - Sydney East (continued)

Rose Bay

It is hard to believe that this was Sydney's first international airport.
Catch a sea-plane from New South Head Road, Rose Bay.

Rose Bay


We hope this tree in Balfour Road, Rose Bay, realises it has been blessed with such artistic symmetry.



I can't see Alan. Oh, there he is, in Victoria Road, Rozelle.

Rushcutters Bay


In spite of the proximity of New South Head Road's traffic, this is a very pleasant part of Rushcutters Bay with playing fields, parkland and, of course, the bay.

South Coogee


Can you find a lower speed limit in your area than this one in Argyle Crescent , South Coogee?

South Coogee


Two photos of the coastal walk at South Coogee, when placed side by side, miraculously transform the Pacific Ocean into Pacific Lake.

South Coogee


Instead of the usual flat ground, Randwick cemetery in South Coogee occupies a Malabar Road hill.

South Coogee


Early sunlight creates an eerie atmosphere on the coastal walk around Honeycombe Bay, South Coogee.

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