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Photos - Sydney North (continued)



Nineteen massive movie vans swamp Kingsford-Smith Oval, Longueville, as a base for two days for 200 staff involved in the filming of a segment for the Superman movie. How long will the segment be? About 16 seconds.



Pioneer aviator Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith had a boat shed in Dunois Street, Longueville.



The International College of Management's time is taken up by managing its building. Marvel at it from Reddall Street, Manly.

Manly Vale


“Look at this, dears! Here in Manly Vale is the goose who does nothing but walk around the streets all the time.” Manly Dam residents can’t believe it.

Manly Vale


I’m hell of a tired. Why do I have to walk this dam path? Find it by walking the impressive route from Southern Cross Way, Allambie Heights, to King Street, Manly Vale.

McMahons Point


Three of Sydney’s best-known icons seen at McMahons Point: the harbour bridge, opera house and my socks.

McMahons Point


McMahons Point's Thomas Street parking station

McMahons Point


Thomas Street truth test:
Are you sure you've done your cycling exercise this morning, Billy?
Of course I have, Mummy. Would I lie?

McMahons Point


The address is Blues Point Road, McMahons Point, but I don’t know the number.

McMahons Point


This ship doesn’t carry many passengers these days. It lives beside the North Sydney Circle Walk, at Sawmillers Reserve, McMahons Point.

Milsons Point


At the bottom of Alfred Street, Milsons Point, is a footpath under the harbour bridge. It’s popular with photographers.

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