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Photos - Sydney North (continued)



…but now the feature of Normanhurst is long driveways to houses built on and hidden in those backyards, as in Redgrave Road. The inserted addresses cause fun with both letters and numbers.

North Balgowlah


Wave to us in Worrobil Street, North Balgowlah.

North Curl Curl


Nature’s giant egg-cup forms the backdrop as Alan descends the stairs in Robertson Road, North Curl Curl, towards the Pacific Ocean and Curl Curl Lagoon.

North Curl Curl


The coastal walk rounds Dee Why Head, North Curl Curl.

North Curl Curl


Abbott Road, North Curl Curl: That’ll never fly! Can’t possibly even get off the ground!

North Curl Curl


I know where Pitt Road is in North Curl Curl, but how will I find your house number?

North Curl Curl


In North Curl Curl: You didn’t listen. I said I wanted three windows, not wee windows.

North Narrabeen


When my kids here in Tatiara Crescent, North Narrabeen, misbehave, I just threaten to make them take the garbage bin down.

North Sydney


Every unit in Little Walker Street, North Sydney, has its own private balcony.

North Sydney


The North Sydney maximum security jail, in Miller Street. Or is it an office block, with emphasis on block?

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