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North Balgowlah




In the North Balgowlah…sorry, Balgowlah North…shopping centre, it’s an each-way bet.

North Parramatta


Just when you think that you've seen every possible innovation for a mail box, someone comes up with another idea. This model, on Victoria Road, North Parramatta, is only recommended for desert suburbs.

North Strathfield


Surely they didn't mean whorehouse? Parramatta Road, North Strathfield

North Sydney


At High St, North Sydney, there must be a gateway around here to an alternate reality - one where animals and bicycles can read. Although if the animal is travelling in a car, they haven't much time to jump out.
(Also see next photo taken across the street)


In High St, North Sydney, the Transport Authorities have solved the 2016 New Years Eve problems for access roads to the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks display. Assume we are in an alternate reality where New Years Eve does not exist.
(Also see previous photo taken across the street)

Old Guildford


...but plan your Woodville Road advertising better than we did. It's in Old Guildford.

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