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'Is this the coolest man in the country? We think he is!' - Village Voice (Sydney inner western suburbs)
'An extraordinary account - an old man mapping the city with his feet' - Adelaide Advertiser
'Alan Waddell...proved you are never too old to change the world.' - Think Big magazine
'A grandfather who has achieved cult fame' - St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
'One of the best web sites I have ever seen' - Radio 702 ABC (Simon Marnie)
'Alan Waddell was a worldwide internet sensation.' - Daily Telegraph
'The North Shore's most famous athlete' - Sydney Weekly Courier
'Inconceivable pioneering work' - Guang Ming Daily (Malaysia)
'A popular web site' - San Francisco Chronicle
'Fantastic web site' - Radio New Zealand
'A real-life inspiration' - The Nation (Thailand)
'An amazing man' - Radio 2UE (Glenn Wheeler)
'Legendary walker ... Alan's an inspiration' - Mosman Daily
'Elderly Australian walks into stardom' - People's Daily (China)
'Alan’s website…one of the best around' – Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard
'[He] has inspired thousands...an internet superstar' - Independent Times (Canada)
'This site has turned a simple idea into a real treasure' - The Sydney Morning Herald
'He's a legend, a terrific Sydneysider and a great Australian' - Radio Nova (Merrick & Rosso)
'A media darling Down Under and his fame is spreading fast across the globe' - Kitchener Record (Canada)

Many of the photos on this website were taken as Alan Waddell, 94, walked every street in 292 suburbs of Sydney, Australia. After Alan's death, John, Alan's son, continued Alan's legacy through walking and regularly posting more photos - there are now over 6,400 unusual photos of Sydney.  However, health issues in 2022 have prevented John from continuing the driving and then walking.
There have been over 5,033,000 pages viewed by over 1,937,000 visitors from 185 countries (latest new one is Turkmenistan) - see Visitor Countries for full list..


In brief

Alan Waddell was encouraged by his doctor to take up walking. After a while, repeating the same route every day became boring. So Alan Waddell decided to walk every street in his own suburb.
  In December 2002, this idea of walking every street was expanded to include neighbouring suburbs and so his odyssey began.


Investing in Your Life     April 2009

Following is an excerpt from this 380-page book published this month by Dr Ian Pollard, actuary, Rhodes scholar, Australian tennis representative and company director.

My family, of all ages, were inspired by our late friend Alan Waddell's self-reinvention. After the death of his wife, Marge, Alan began walking the streets of Sydney. In the last six years of his life, from the age of 88 to 94, he walked every street in 284 suburbs. He gave his first ever public speech (reputedly the challenge many people fear most) at 90 and became an international celebrity, regular TV guest, public speaker and inspiration to many - young and old - especially in encouraging people to do more walking. His website <walksydneystreets.net>, still maintained by his sons, has to be seen to be believed.


Google     26 December 2008

Back in February 2008 we were amazed to see that our web site, walksydneystreets.net, was listed first out of 390 million entries for a Google world search of the word 'walk and first out of 83 million entries for a search of 'walks'. This has continued throughout 2008 with only one or two interruptions.

As 2008 draws to a close, our web site is still listed first out of 313 million for 'walk' and first out of 61 million entries for a search of 'walks'. Click here and here for images.


The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age     29 November 2008 

A story about an unusual walking concept appeared in the travel sections of these newspapers today. There were a couple of references to Alan, once recorded as 'the indomitable Waddell'.


Think Big magazine    19 November 2008 

Australia’s biggest-selling personal development magazine ran a story about Alan that concluded with these words that he never got to read: ‘In the last six years of his long life, Alan Waddell walked over 5,000 kilometres – and proved you are never too old to change the world.’


The Sydney Morning Herald    12 September 2008 

The Herald has a daily half-page story, called "Timelines", about a usually well-known person who has recently died. Today's page concentrated on Alan's unusual early life experiences, as detailed by lifelong family friend, Ian Pollard, and the series editor. The obituary can be seen here on The Sydney Morning Herald's website or here on walksydneystreets.net.


St George & Sutherland Shire Leader    9 September 2008

The Leader carried photos from their previous stories and some kind comments after Alan's passing.


Village Voice    8 September 2008

The inner western newspaper's tribute to Alan showed him next to Sydney's most colourful traffic signals box. 


Nine Network Today Show     5 September 2008

A segment about Alan's walking life was shown nationally this morning in Nine's Today show. Alan's family greatly appreciate the kindness shown to him by all journalists and photographers. They made him feel at ease, even though he was always very worked up before any media request. This was because he worried that he would let them down by being too nervous to speak properly or not being able to carry out the wishes of the photographer..


Daily Telegraph     5 September 2008

The Telegraph's tribute to Alan included a treasured photo of him near the northern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The same item was carried by Brisbane's Courier Mail.


Radio    5 September 2008

702 ABC Sydney and 92.5 ABC Central Coast broadcast an interview with Cumberland Newspapers' editor-in-chief, Simon Holt, in which he said that everyone should get out on the streets and go for a walk in honour of Alan. Tributes were also broadcast by 2GB and 2CH.


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard    3 September 2008

The Standard named Alan as "one of [its] favourite personalities" in its 11th item about him.


Alan's Passing     2 September 2008

Alan died peacefully at 3.00 this morning from complications after a successful hip replacement. In memory of Alan we will retain the site and continue to add accumulated photos of his discoveries. We trust that this will still help to brighten your day and encourage exercise in the interests of better health.


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     16 July 2008

The number of items about Alan in the Standard hit double figures with their kind story wishing him a speedy recovery from his approaching hip operation.


Village Voice    July 2008

This newspaper circulates in the inner western suburbs Balmain, Birchgrove, Rozelle, Lilyfield, Leichhardt and Annandale. They are all fabulous areas for walking, especially for those with an interest in history. Village Voice ran a cover story about Alan's discoveries in their suburbs, with another two pages of photos inside.





Time Out     18 June 2008

The Sydney edition of the international Time Out magazine rans a story as part of its Colourful Sydney Identity series. The online version is at timeout sydney alan waddell
Previous identities include people back to Bennelong, the Aboriginal who witnessed the arrival of the First Fleet from Britain over 200 years ago. The whole of the fascinating series is at timeout sydney colourful sydney identity

Timeout also created a Slide Show about Alan


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     21 May 2008


In the ninth of their articles about Alan's walking in the far western suburbs, reporter Lana Lam (seen with Alan) said that he is "a Standard favourite". (Photo courtesy Armen Deushian)


This photo accompanying the story showed his return to their area in autumn. (Photo courtesy Armen Deushian)


DCM Magazine     March/April 2008 Edition

DCM ran two stories about Alan in its May issue. The cover invited readers to "Meet Sydney's Best-known Walker. He's fighting heart disease on foot - at 93!" The magazine has a circulation of 150,000 through Australian pharmacies.


The editor, Tiffany Bonasera, interviewing Alan.


Better Homes and Gardens Magazine     May 2008 Edition

The May edition of this magazine, with a circulation of over 350,000, carries an article about letterboxes (on page 151!). It includes some of Alan's photos, and advises that "if you're fond of letterboxes that are quirky, intriguing or a touch bizarre, then check out [this] website."


Hornsby and Upper North Shore Advocate    17 April 2008

The Advocate's story (minus photo) about Alan's involvement with a Seniors' Week walk is at http://www.hornsbyadvocate.com.au/article/2008/04/16/2032_news.html


North Side Courier 9    April 2008

The Courier reported that "North Shore residents can go for a walk and talk with 93-year-old Alan Waddell" the next day. This was part of Seniors' Week activities. Alan kicked it off with an illustrated talk about the health benefits of walking and the discoveries that you make on foot rather than driving.


Google     25 February 2008

We were amazed to see that our web site, walksydneystreets.net, was listed first out of 390 million entries for a Google world search of the word "walk" today. It was listed first out of 83 million entries for a search of "walks" and it was eighth for a search of "Alan". Click here and here for images.


North Shore Times    11 January 2008

By combining articles about Alan from stablemates Mt Druitt and St Marys Standard and The Mosman Daily, the North Shore Times was able to run a double page spread on his walking.


The Mosman Daily     20 December 2007

Reporter Paul Tatnell and photographer Sara Nixon corner Alan at the base of a Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon and then on Lavender Bay wharf for a story in The Mosman Daily. As you would guess, this paper is published weekly, just like the Australian Women’s Weekly is published monthly. The story (but not the photo) is at http://www.mosmandaily.com.au/article/2007/12/19/1580_news.html




9 TV Network News    21 September 2007

Nine reporter Dale Paget was there as Alan completed his 250th suburb, Northbridge. The event was promoted by a video on the network's web site and covered in their 6pm news (also screened on Qantas flights).


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     19 September 2007

The Standard showed how much you can miss by driving rather than walking. The story read: "He's put a smile on al those who see him walking our streets and last week, Alan Waddell made this colourful discovery...[He] found the underpass and noted how many people might miss the colourful addition to an otherwise grey concrete construction." You can see Alan's discovery here: Blackett Painting


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     12 September 2007

The Town Talk column, now edited by Lana Lam, reported on a visit to their newspaper's office by a lady who had recognised Alan. "Alan Waddell has become quite the local celebrity as he makes his way through our suburbs. Bidwill locals Pat Wain, Penny Thomas and Margaret Johnson even got their picture taken with him last week."


Australian Festival, Florida     12 September 2007

In what world-famous area can you find a Dream Time Village, G'Day Cafe and the Jackaroo's Pub? In Florida, of course. Those are just some of the attractions at this year's Australian Festival in Greater Fort Lauderdale, from 2-4 November, 2007. The Festival has appointed Alan its ambassador for the "Walk Pembroke Pines" section of its celebration.


Journalist Project     28 August 2007


Journalism student, Michael Cleggett, chose Alan’s walking for his final year assignment.


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     22 August 2007

The Standard recorded that "Alan has been told by his doctor that his heart is in such good condition that he should reach 100 years."


Mt Druitt & St Marys Standard     8 August 2007

This was the second in a series of small items about Alan's progress in walking the suburbs in the distribution area of the Standard. They are appearing in Paul Tatnell's popular Town Talk column, which records quirky local events.


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