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Photos - Secrets - Houses (continued)

Darling Point


Does any other tennis court enjoy a view like this one at the lower end of Darling Point Road, Darling Point?



Don't even think of breaking into our house in Bourke Street, Darlinghurst. Our window is securely bared and locked.

Dee Why


You don't know what to do with your umbrellas during the drought? Pacific Parade, Dee Why, can offer ideas.



Something that your place doesn’t have: each of our houses in Rydale Road, Denistone, has its own personal bridge.



Why are houses always built ‘circa’ a certain year instead of ‘about’, as in this Drummoyne example? Should we offer a prize for the first person to spot a real estate sign that uses the English word?



This front yard on Kirby Street, Dundas, raises some questions:
Is this both a house and a garage?
Are the doors real or a novel mural?
If real, why are there four different types?
We might never know.



Most Sydney people know the main road through Edgecliff - but not the side streets.
  On South Street, the houses are quite close to the footpath, making it easier to talk to people as they walk by.

Elanora Heights


Yes, I know that our house rooftop football field in Allawah Avenue, Elanora Heights, needs mowing, but at least the goal posts are in good condition.



While most of you spend your weekends mowing the front lawn and weeding the garden, here in Wilson Street, Eveleigh, we're out enjoying ourselves. We don't even have anything to sweep - except for one step. We're working on that.

Five Dock


In Kings Road, Five Dock, I am not sure why they have tiled the walls at the side of the house, nor why they have such a large paper envelope on the front verandah.

Forest Lodge


What Sydney road lets you build your house above it? See this gem from Forest Lodge’s Junction Street.

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