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Harris Park


Just 500 metres from the centre of the city of Parramatta, one of Sydney’s biggest shopping centres, is this trafficable lane off Ada Street, Harris Park. To ease congestion, it divides at the building straight ahead. After nearly two centuries of use, the lane is still hoping for a name.

Harris Park


Frank Beames Lane, Harris Park, offers a welcome triangular open space.

Hassall Grove


Hassall Grove claims Sydney's shortest street - this is the whole of Derek Place, Hassall Grove.
How, then, can Narwee claim a shorter one? (See Narwee)
And Darlinghurst is in the claims business too.

Homebush West


Another mystery: This is not a traffic jam in the rush hour, but four rows of parked cars in quiet time in Homebush West. Miniature Tavistock Road ends at a fence where the photographer was standing. How does the “P” owner get his car out? How do any of them get out?

Hurstville Grove


Like a giant slippery-dip or lava from a recent volcanic eruption, King Georges Road flows through the south-western suburbs. This major traffic artery disturbs the otherwise docile Hurstville Grove. You can only see it like this if you’re walking before 6am on a Sunday. 



I assist the police whenever possible. At the bottom of Ingram Street, Kensington, you can book every driver for two offences, constable: not observe "no entry" sign and drive contrary to "one way" sign. There's no other way to get into this dead-end section.



Furthermore, constable, parallel Baker Street is an ideal place to order motorists to pull over.



Is there any other example of this footpath pattern in Sydney? Yes, there are hundreds of them - see them every four metres on both sides of Anzac Parade through the Kensington shopping centre.

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