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Photos - Surprises - Mailboxes / Letter-Boxes (continued)



Remember when the postie delivered twice a day, the baker knocked on your door and you left your coins and a container out overnight for the milk? Maybe the milkman's horse and cart still trundles along Baronbali Street, Dundas?



What an uplifting welcome from the smiling face when you deliver mail in Kissing Point Road, Dundas!

Dundas Valley


Not an antique, but a futuristic mail box in Yates Avenue, Dundas Valley. It won’t be long before there’s hardly any snail mail.

Dundas Valley


Or you can pay a higher rate for Express Post. Simpson Street, Dundas Valley.

Elanora Heights


We make sure that our mail is well cared for in Wesley Street, Elanora Heights.

Elanora Heights


Do you like the ear dangling over the side? It's in Wesley Street, Elanora Heights.



New posties might take a while to work out where to put the Simmons Street, Enmore, letters. You have to lift the cat's head. (In other words, it took us a while to work it out.)



At Erskineville, Pleasant Avenue’s devils are fussy eaters.
Better Home and Gardens featured Alan and this mailbox on one of their shows. The video starts after a 15 second advertisement.

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