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Photos - Sydney West (continued)

Long Point


It's hard to miss Wills Road here in Long Point. It's the long street that joins the suburb's other two streets. Most of the houses have large yards with one or more varieties of horses, dogs, goats or chooks.

Macquarie Links


If you are one of the lucky residents of Macquarie Links, golf club membership is free. But for non-residents, there is a joining fee, currently a bargain at $34,000.

Mays Hill


An anagram of Hindu is unhid and this Hindu temple is certainly unhid.
  It dominates the Great Western Highway at Mays Hill.



Meadowbank is a fast-developing suburb, especially with the recent conversion of a former factory site. At Meadowbank there is a railway bridge to Rhodes, but you can cross it too.

Merrylands West


The battle for Merrylands Road, Merrylands West: David v Goliath, old v new, courageous survivor v late arrival.

Merrylands West


Merrylands West’s proudest chimney stands tall in Duffy Street.

Merrylands West


This family suffered the tragic loss of their 17-year-old lad in March 2007.
The full story of the miracles in his bedroom is at Today Tonight

Merrylands West


You can cycle or walk uninterrupted from Prospect Reservoir all the way to Merrylands West and on to Guildford. When you get thirsty, water is never more than a couple of metres away, although you might have a job accessing it.



Sydney's "Bridge Over Troubled Water": the district's most impressive pedestrian border crossing is Miller to Cartwright via the bridge over invisible Cabramatta Creek.



Ask people where the nearest vehicular ferry to Sydney's CBD is and chances are they'll go for Wisemans Ferry in the far west or Berowra Waters in the far north of Sydney. But there is one at Mortlake, only 15 kilometres away by boat.

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