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Photos - Sydney Secrets - Houses (continued)



While most of you spend your weekends mowing the front lawn and weeding the garden, here in Wilson Street, Eveleigh, we're out enjoying ourselves. We don't even have anything to sweep - except for one step. We're working on that.

Five Dock


In Kings Road, Five Dock, I am not sure why they have tiled the walls at the side of the house, nor why they have such a large paper envelope on the front verandah.

Forest Lodge


What Sydney road lets you build your house above it? See this gem from Forest Lodge’s Junction Street.

Georges Heights


The officers' quarters veranda in Crane Crescent, Georges Heights, was built in 1942 when Georges Heights was defending Sydney Harbour from attack in World War II. You can rent this or any of 100 or so wartime buildings there now.
(Also see next photo)

Georges Heights


Maybe you'd prefer the Master Gunner cottage in Middle Head Road?
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This narrow, private access is for a family in Brunswick Street, Granville. It sure helps when giving directions for visitors: "Ours is the house with the bridge."



Sydney's thinnest accommodation? Check it out from Quay Street, Haymarket.

Huntleys Point


Why doesn't your house in Huntleys Point Road, Huntleys Point, have a sloping roof?
(See next photo.)

Huntleys Point


Because it would give an opponent an unfair advantage.
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